Shoes made for walking

Running is cheap.

There's only one thing where running is concerned you shóuld spend your money without any hesitation: and that's for a good pair or running shoes.

Invest in quality shoes!

Don't just grab a grubby pair of old sports shoes you wore in high school to go running. You really should invest in your feet. They're worth it. And it will save you a world of hurt in the future. Believe me I know.

Because I did grab a pair of old shoes I used to wear in high school. After about three weeks, my knees were hurting like crazy. Luckily buying a pair of real running shoes solved the problem, and I got off with just a warning from my knees. But let my sorry tale be a lesson to you all.

Give your feet a break

Wearing good quality shoes is not just important as a runner though. After all, your feet have to carry your body around all day. Ease their load a bit, while still looking good.

Sometimes when you get home from a run, it can be tempting to just keep your running shoes on. But they need to breathe and settle! So you'ld better change into some other shoes. Preferably shoes that help your feet carry your weight. Why not treat them to a pair of casual ladies comfort shoes for example.

Like the cute pink one in the upper left corner!

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Matilda said...

I love shoes, what girl doesn't love shoes.
But I agree running shoes are the most important thing for a runner.
I use to run in ascis and had no drama's with them (I was professionally fitted too), but as I got faster I found they were more problematic, so got refitted and now in Brooks.

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