Five ways to beat the heat

Heat makes me cranky as a mom and as a person. It makes me want to slap people in the face.

And as a runner, I consider heat my personal kryptonite!

It's the one thing that can keep me from running.

So is there a way to beat the heat?

That's the question of this Friday Five blog hop!

Let's find some answers, shall we?

1. Get up before the sun!

My first method to beat the heat is to get up before the sun rises. That way I can actually avóid the heat. Because sometimes you have to be smart about beating your nemesis.

2. Run áfter the sun went to bed again

I'm still in avoidance mode as you can see. My second tip is also based on beating the heat by simple avoiding it. By running in the evening, the heat will have tired itself out. That's when you swan in!

3. Take water with you

Okay, sometimes you can't avoid the heat. In that case you should make sure you get enough fluids. So take some water with you so you stay hydrated.

4. Choose a route with lots of trees and shadow

Choose your running route with care. Don't take the road that lies before you blistering in the sun. Take the one that has nice and leafy trees offering shadow. Also take routes that have sprinklers on them. Lots of people will be watering their garden, and often the spray will hit the street too!

5. Don't run too long

This is not a time to do a long or intensive run. Take it easy during your run.


Heather Runs Thirteen Point One said...

I'm with you on not enjoying the heat, especially when running. I feel like the only thing it's good for is to go swimming. I always bring water with me and do my best to avoid the warmest part of the day. I'm not one to wake up crazy early, so as long as I can get in the run around 7, that's really the best I can do haha. Definitely agree on choosing a route with some trees/shade!

Deborah said...

I actually really like running in the summer and it doesn't bother me too much. I think it is important to run shorter and have realistic expectations as well.

Courtney said...

thanks for linking up! i agree - you gotta get out there early! :)

Half-Crazed Runner said...

Great tips! There's nothing but urban road here - I scope out all the shady streets and try to get out early.

Mar said...

I'm an evening runner too - I'm more likely to get out there then instead of waking up early, though that will need to change!

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