Footwear during and áfter your run

I can't imagine there's anyone out there who dóésn't know about the importance of wearing the right running shoes. But if you áre ignorant of this, then let me tell you:
'It's very important to get the right running shoes. Because if you don't, you'll get all kinds of problems and you may very well end up on the couch you wanted to get your butt off of.'

I know this first hand, because when I first started running I did nót invest in a pair of good running shoes. I didn't trust myself to stick with it, so I didn't want to spend any money. I just grabbed an old pair of trainers, and off I went. It didn't take my knees long to start complaining. Because the wrong kinds of shoes don't just hurt your feet. They can cause problems in your whole body.

Footwear when you're nót on the run

But what about when you're not running?

Personally I love to slip my feet into a pair of Jesus sandals. Yeah, yeah, I know they're not very fashionable, but they are soo comfortable! And they provide my feet with lots of space. Also, my feet like to be 'al fresco'!

Elegant slippers

Just a heads up: the next part contains 2 sponsored links!

However I'm seriously thinking of cheating on my Jesus sandals with Reef sandals. I especially like these: They are sleek and black, and I love their minimalistic look.  They even have arch support! And you don't have to worry about getting them wet or anything. A bit of water doesn't scare these flip flops. They stay nice and cool. And that's a plus both as a mom ánd as a runner.

When to take off your running shoes

My running shoes are very comfortable. As they should be!

So when I come home from a run, I don't always feel like taking them off. However, it's important to take your running shoes off after a run. Because even though you're not running anymore, you'll still wear out the cushioning. Which is another reason why I really like these black thong flip flops.

I love how they look, and they'll be just as comfortable as my running shoes.

What do you wear on your feet, when you're not running?

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Chaitali said...

I definitely agree on the importance of shoes not only while running. My work shoes aren't the most comfortable unfortunately but I do have a great pair of oofos sandals that I change into after running. I love the cushioning and support. They're great for summer but I haven't figured out what I'll do in colder weather yet.

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