How to protect your bike and your wallet!

You may or not know know this, but Mom's Home Run is written from the Netherlands.

The Dutch are well known for their love of bikes. They don't use bikes just for sports! Bikes are used to get around. They're an important mode of transportation. A typical Dutch mom will have one child in the back, one child in front, while carrying two bags full of groceries in her bike bags.

Unfortunately bikes get stolen all the time. I myself lost one lovely red bike to some mean thief. It's about 20 years ago, but I still hope that thief took a bad fall while riding my bike! And my eldest son already had two bikes stolen. So now he rides an old bike to school, that's so ugly and terrible no thief will want it.

Ashwin wrote an interesting article about bike theft and getting insurance!

Top reasons that make cycle insurance irresistible

Here’s a shocker for you – a hundred bikes get stolen every day in London. And that's just the number of bikes that are reported stolen! Bikes are an easy target for thieves. And there's not much that will keep them from carrying out their evil plans. So, what’s the solution to this problem? The answer is simple – cycle insurance. Here, I intend to bring out the most lucrative advantages of going for cycle insurance.

1. Cycle theft is easy, common, and can happen any time!

There’s every chance that you know someone who has lost a bicycle in the recent past. The fact is – bicycle thefts are terribly common. Bikes are easy to steal, and easily dismantled. The thief will then sell your poor bike's parts on the shady markets of the city, without leaving a trace, or any chance of it getting back to the unfortunate owner. Even if you invest in strong chains or other anti-theft measures, you continue to run the risk of the scoundrels having their way by breaking through the measures. Considering how expensive modern bicycles have become, and everything stated above, a cycle insurance product is a necessity. Especially if you’re living in a region that has witnessed such thefts.

2. Home insurance policies don’t always cover cycle theft

Not all home insurances will cover bicycle theft. Most insurance companies even explicitly exclude bicycles from insurance. And those that dó promise coverage, won't pay for bikes parked in garages attached to houses or at the front lawns of the house. So it is advisable that you opt for a separate bicycle insurance policy.

3. Bicycle accidents could cost you your health and money

Considering the traffic situation on the roads, cycling to work is not among the most advisable modes of travel, in spite of the health advantages. Whether you skit and have a fall, or a recklessly driven car scratches past you, making you lose your balance and suffering a terrible crash, a cycle insurance cover will ensure that you get the medical expenses sorted out without your bank balance suffering any inadvertent blows.

Save yourself from a loss of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and get the coverage of a good cycle insurance policy right away; it’s the smartest decision you could make today!

Do you ride a bike? And have you got insurance for bike theft?

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