5 scary traffic participants!

As a runner I'm very much aware of the fact that I am vulnerable in traffic.

So even though I like to listen to music during my run, I'm always on alert, keeping an eye on traffic.

But there's some traffic that's particularly unpleasant, and sometimes downright scary!

I made a collage of my most feared traffic!

The student that’s texting and cycling
The Nordic Walkers who like to use road, the whole road so help them God

The granny

The swarm of cyclists

The dog owner without a leash

 What's your most scary traffic?


Deborah said...

there are some scary things out there! I wrote a whole post about rules of road for bikers and runners last month. Now I just need to get everyone to follow them-LOL! Happy 4th

Meranda said...

This is funny but SO true!
I once had to share a running trail with an Amish horse and buggy. I was not happy that they were blocking the trail. I do not even live in an Amish community so I have no idea how they got there...lol

Jennifer said...

Funny (the nordic walkers) and true! I encountered a scary girl on rollerblades who was ALSO texting!

Diatta said...

My scary traffic moments are the ones with motorcycle clubs whizzing by me really fast in my blind spot. SPOOKY!

Amanda said...

Oh man I hate running in traffic and really can't understand how people can text and bike. I'm always super alert and worried when biking!

Jillian said...

The dog off a leash scares the crap out of me.

Courtney said...

bikers, for sure! we have so many in DC and SO MANY refuse to ring a bell or just say on the left. they terrify me!

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