Running can be a kick in the teeth

running and teeth

I've heard it said that running is bad for the knees.

Or that you can get Runner's Face, a condition where everyhing in your face goes South.

But running being bad for your teeth was news to me.

So, where did this ominous warning come from?

As usual the source of this bad news came from a couple of researchers. They discovered athtletes often have more problems with their teeth than 'regular people'.

Running and your teeth

And it kind of makes sense. Your saliva plays an important part in cleaning your mouth from food residue and bacteria. But, and here it comes: most runner run with their mouths open. This causes saliva to dry up, and gives bacteria lots of room to do their bad work.

Add a sweet energy drink after your run, or an energy bar, and it gets even worse.

Protect your teeth during your run

  • Don't eat any sweet snacks before and right after your run.
  • Brush your teeth before you go for a run
  • Do nót drink sweet sportsdrinks!
  • Try running with your mouth closed!

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Divorced Kat said...

Wow, I never thought about this. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I know lots of people who run.
I wonder if they know this.
I'm visiting from Make My Saturday Sweet.

Unknown said...

I chew sugar free gum when I run because my mouth gets so dry.

Nicole Orriëns said...

That's a solution I hadn't though of. However, for me personally it probably wouldn't work. I don't want to be chewing during my run.

Michele Morin said...

I have been off sweet drinks for years because of my teeth. I don't miss them--but I would definitely miss my teeth.

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