5 reasons nót to skip a run

I almost never do this, but yesterday I skipped a run.

And I paid the price the whole day.

I got this unpleasant nagging feeling that something was off. Something was rotten in Denmark.

So I created a list of 5 reasons nót to skip a run. Even if you've got your period. Or you don't feel like it. Or the dog is sick. The kids are fighting. You've got a headache. You're expecting a phone call. You've just eaten.

5 Reasons not to skip your run!

  1. No matter how much you dont want to go for a run, you'll feel way worse if you skip it!
  2. It can be a slippery slope. Once you go down it, you slip down the whole way. Skipping a run is like setting a precedent. It's sending a message: 'It's okay to skip a run.' And before you know it, you're skipping another one, and another one, And another one.
  3. If you skip your run, you can't have that mars bar you promised yourself! Or that Big Mac. Or that big bag of cheese puffs.
  4. Á day without a run, will feel like an egg without salt!
  5. Skipping a run doesn't feel good. It can lead to feelings of guilt. You don't want that do you?!
So of you go! Put on those running shoes and run. 

Run like the wind!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a runner, but I try to do a daily 30 min stretch routine and agree that if I don't fit it in that I feel the worse for it #weekendbloghop

Michelle said...

I am a runner, and I like a day off now and then. I listen to my body...days off are good for you. But I know what you are saying. When I skip a run because I am busy (not because I needed a day off), I feel exactly like what you are saying. And it can be a slippery slope to go down. Stopping by from SITS this morning!

PreppingParties said...

I was just contemplating skipping my 5 mile run planned for this morning and now I am so glad I stopped by your site. I will definitely not be skipping - great list! #SITSblogging

The Reeds said...

I love this! I'm just now trying to get back on the wagon and I love motivational websites. Thanks for this!

Nicole Orriëns said...

Good for you! I only stretch after my runs.

Nicole Orriëns said...

You're welcome! I hope you can climb back up!

Nicole Orriëns said...

I'm glad I could talk you out of skipping your run! You'll feel better if you dó it.

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