Running during the holidays

If there's ever a time of the year to run, it's during the holidays!

And I'm not just talking about fattening Christmas dinners. Life can be quite hectic, and sometimes downright stressful during the holidays.

Getting together with family, regular days turning into a Sunday... It can all feel a bit overwhelming.

Running will help!

And what better way to keep or reclaim your mental balance than by going for a run! I know that's what I'm going to do!

I'm definitely going for a run on Christmas day. And on New year's day too.

Because I feel you should start as you mean to go on. And I want to spend the next year running.

Do you run during the holidays?

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Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

I usually do run over the holidays, but I've been sick for a month now so not sure it will happen this year.

Unknown said...

I I have never workout during th holiday weeks until a few years ago. I notice a big difference. I will admit, I absolutely hate this time of year. It is one of the most stressful time for me. This steams from my childhood. I try like no other to grit through and be as jovial as possible with my family.

When I finally got back into running 18 months ago, I noticed that it was a great to take the time and pound-pavement (or treadmills).

On prior years I would come down with some ailment induced by stress, suppressed immune system, and being around lots of different people. Last year after maintaining around a 10 mile week, I did not even get a cold. This year is a little different. I am losing a loved one who is on hospice and may go at anytime. Each child and my husband have been to the doctor for either toncilitus (sp?) Sinus infection and allergies in the last week! I have had a few days here and there where my sinuses feel funky. I am still determined to maintainy runs. I may not get as much as I want in, but who does. I have noticed the fact that I am taking my me time in a more healthy manner ( usually this time of year me time was usuly several adult beverages).

I do wish everyone the best! We are headed in the home stretch! I am excited to wake up tomorrow and go for a run with little traffic to battle! And come home to bake cookies and wrap presents with my wee-one all day! I never get excited about earlynruns, but man, good weather, no rush hour traffic, no work. How could I not pass it up?

Patrick Voo said...

while i've been training all winter for the past three seasons, this will be the first year that i will run on christmas day. however, it will be the fourth annual 26k on dec 26 run for me!

Matilda said...

Damn straight I'm going to run. I have a schedule run I'm going to get in, no matter if it's Christmas or not.

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