Training with your kids

This Dutch dad has taken training with his kids to a whole new level! He's literally training with them, using them as weights for example.

So what's his story?

Justus Verkerk

When Justus Verkerk and his wife became parents they found their lives increasingly busy. And even though Justus used to love going to the gym, he started to slack off. And even if he wanted to go, his wife didn't appreciate him going out at night. Leaving her alone to deal with the childeren.

Until one day he decided: 'Enough already. Exercise is important!'

And then he started to write his book about training with your kids. It's filled with great pictures that will make you smile.

Justus Verkerk gets his work-out, while he's also spending quality time with his kids. It doesn't get any better than that!

Here are some pictures from his Dutch book 'Trainen met je kinderen'.

working out with kids

 I'm sorry to say it's not available in English yet.

But I really like Justus Verkerk's message: 'Having kids doesn't have to mean the end of exercising. On the contrary!'


You can read this book for free online.

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Unknown said...

This looks like such a fun idea. You don't need to hit the gym and the kids have fun.

Marielle said...

This really is taking training with your kids to a whole new level! ;) It is helpful to find ways to include kids in exercise habits. That definitely makes it easier to make it happen. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend!

Kathleen said...

What a great idea, and good bonding with the family and muscles. I don't have kids but the same thing can happen with the shopping or everyday items in the home. We will feature your post in the next Blogger's Pit Stop.

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