Reaching for your goal


Last week I decided to run 8 kilometers to a neighbouring town, and then back home.

Full of happy anticipation I followed the signpost pointing me to the right. I ran across a beautiful path, the sun gently smiling down at me, thinking smugly how very sporty I was.

T-junction: now what?

But then I came to a T-junction. I looked around me, looking for a sign, but found none. Now I know how Tom Thumb felt when he found out the birds ate all his breadcrumbs!

With nothing telling me which way to go, I had to follow my own, questionable, instincts. And they led me on a wild goose chase, causing me to double the distance.

When I finally reached my destination I couldn't face running back home. So I'm ashamed to admit, I hopped on the train.

All's well, that ends well

But in the end all's well, that ends well, because I ran 16 kilometers, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

Only in my plans I would be home again at 16K, instead of in the town I was aiming for.

Which just goes to show:

Sometimes you reach your goal, but in a different way than you anticipated.

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Unknown said...

Love this! As a runner myself I can totally relate.


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