Don't pass me..

Yeah... thát feeling....
I don't like it when people pass me.

I don't like it as a runner, and I don't like it in general. When I'm out there, running my heart out, and some runner effortlessly passes me, I can't help but grit my teeth.

Not until he or she has disappeared on the horizon, can I start to relax again.

Runners who are faster than me make me feel uncertain

Runners who run faster than me elicit all kind of feelings and thoughts. '

Am I really that slow? Why can she go so much faster! I don't get it. Shouldn't I run faster? She's obviously a much better runner than me. Why am I such a slow runner?!'

Uh-oh, what's happening?

But as much as I hate it, being the 'slow one' is familiar. So when I ran past a runner myself this week, I felt decidedly nervous.

'Any minute now, someone will come and tap me on the shoulder, saying: Who do you think you are!' I thought uncomfortably. But I felt even more uncomfortable when the running gentleman picked up hís speed, and we were running side by side.

Don't speed up when someone is passing you!

Then suddenly I didn't feel uncomfortable anymore; I felt annoyed! It's not very gentlemanly to speed up when someone is passing you! It's not nice on the motorway, and it's not nice on the 'runway'

My annoyance provided me just enough speed to get past him, and while I sped away I shouted triumphantly: 'Eat my dust!'

Well okay, I didn't.

I had too much trouble catching my breath.


Nancy's Fashion Style said...

Hè, a new blog? Fantastic picture!

Jessica Powell said...

Hehe, loved this! I always say I'm not a competetive person... until the challenge is put in front of me!

Thanks so much for sharing over at Friday Frivolity. :)

Brittney said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing!

Imogen said...

Yes I can relate. I don't like it either...even though I tell myself I'm only worried about my own times and personal bests.

Menaka Bharathi said...

I can relate completely to this, and isn't this what moms are known for?
Menaka Bharathi - The Bloggers Pit Stop Crew

Thomas Bussiere said...

Very true.

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