I'm aware of the ground I run on


Now that I live in the country I run a lot on dirt tracks.

And from my running books I have learned this is good news to my body.

Because dirt tracks provide a softer landing.

Sidewalks are harsh to your body

When I lived in the city I avoided sidewalks as much as possible, because they're made of concrete. On the other hand: sidewalks are máde for pedestrians, so they are usually safer than the street. So whenever I could, I ran on the street, and if that was too hazardous I used the sidewalk.

I'm aware of the ground I run on

In general, I'm quite aware of the ground I run on. I really don't want to get hurt! Neither as a runner, nor as a mom.

I find it hard to protect myself from hurt as a mom, because I'm vulnerable through my children. But as a runner, I have more control!

Do you run on sidewalks? Dirt tracks? Bike paths?


Audrey said...

I don't run, ever. Ha ha! I have tried a few times but I do not enjoy it and it is too harsh on my body (I think I probably have bad form). Walking and cycling are kinder.

But, I love your analogy of running and parenthood. It is quite true that we cannot protect ourselves as well as a parent. By its very nature parenthood makes us vulnerable.

Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

pat said...

I'm preparing to start running again. We have a state park nearby and I like running through the wooded areas, but as I run alone, I tend to only run that area if my husband is with me. Fortunately, there is a small wooded area that is visible to other walkers and joggers, so I plan to walk on the paved areas and run on the gravel paths and wooded area.

Yes, as mother's we are vulnerable through our children and that's one of the reasons that I enjoy walking/running out in natural areas. The lack of traffic and open sky are very calming to me.

pat said...

I forgot... I really enjoy your blog especially since I'm picking up running again. I appreciate all the links, especially the skirt reviews!

Menaka Bharathi said...

I have just begun my running after a long time again, nice thoughts here. Thanks for joining The Bloggers Pit Stop.

prettyflyforawhitemom said...

Sidewalks make me nervous because there are those pieces that stick up and will inevitably trip me.. lol. I'm not a fan of falling either. I prefer to road run, but country roads are my love...Thanks for linking up at #FridayFrivlolity.

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