Aroma therapy

I ran out of the woods, straight into a sunny meadow.

Delicious smell!

Suddenly, the most delicious smell reached my nostrils. It was the smell of freshly mown grass. Sniffing enthusiastically, like a bull spotting a pretty cow, I ran along until the smell ended just as suddenly as it had started.

But I wasn't complaining, because you don't get free aromatherapy every day!

Oh no, manure!

But then it hit me, right smack in the nose: manure. Some farmer decided to use this sunny to spread some shit.

That certainly didn't qualify as aromatherapy, but it served well as shock therapy!

Woke me right up!

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Jules said...

So funny the way you endd this short precice aromatherapy post ~TheBloggersPitStop Link Party appreciates you.

Pit Stop Crew

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