Bellydancing and running

belly dancing and running

Danny Dreyer, the author of ChiRunning has taught me an important lesson. Here it comes:

Pain is an opportunity to better myself in disguise!

Hips don't lie!

So when my right hip started sending frantic messages of discomfort I happily thought: 'Ah, a chance to improve my running technique!' Because like Shakira sang: 'Hips don't lie!'

Crosstraining for runners: belly dancing

So now I mix belly dancing into my runs. I do hip drops, figure eights, and stretching has never been more fun!

There I'll be, in my running skirt, doing my hip drops, and I can't help but think: running has never more fun to watch.

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Unknown said...

Love belly dancing!!! I love how I actually understood what moves you were talking about :)

Thank you for linking up at #bloggerspotlight this week

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