My own style

Why am I so slow?

Sometimes I'm running and I feel quite happy. I look around me and admire the trees around me, a cute little horse and beautiful flowers.

He's faster than me

But then I hear the light footsteps of a fellow runner who easily passes me by. Suddenly I feel my ambition rising and a voice inside me says:

'You're not going to let him just pass you by?!'

'Of course not,' I say, and I move my feet faster. But the distance between me and him just grows and grows, until he's just a little speck on the horizon.

My running style is slow

Discouraged I plough on. Suddenly I don't care anymore about the things around me. I can only think: 'I'm slow. I'm a very slow runner.' And crankily I ask myself, how after six years of running I'm still more like the tortoise than the rabbit. Then I remember: the tortoise won the game!

Just like in motherhood, it's important to appreciate your own style as a runner. 

So don't get intimidated or discouraged by supermoms who bake cookies all day, and happily read to their children for hours on end.

Just as you're not a bad runner, you're not a bad mother.

In both cases you've just got your very own style!

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  1. Everyone definitely has their won style and way of doing things. It is also really important not to compare yourself with other people.