There's no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing

Even though Spring seemed to be around the corner, suddenly Winter decided to make a brutal comeback and threw me a curve ball:

Because what should I wear with temperatures of -4 Fahrenheit?

I had already been flirting with the thought of going for a r un in my running shorts again.

Apart from the age old question: 'What should I wear?' I was also kind of intimidated by the weather forecast. I did nót want to dress the wrong way.
But what was the right way?

What should I wear when it's cold outside?

In the end I decided on this outfit:

I'm wearing a pair of thermo trousers, a warm sweater and a pink vest that keep the wind and rain out.

And it turned out to be just fine. I wasn't too cold, nor too warm.

I felt just right!

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1 comment

Dr. Elise Ho said...

Its great that you were able to figure it all out.

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