Runner's Kryptonite: running during a heatwave

running during a heat wave
It's too hot!

I pride myself for not having missed one single run during the cold, and icy winter. I ploughed my way through the snow, and tiptoed over icy roads. Triumphantly I said to my husband:

'I'm tough, I'm cool, and above all: I'm weather proof!'

So you can imagine my surprise when hígh temperatures turned out to be my personal kryptonite!

I just couldn't run anymore

It all started last Sunday when I had to walk the last miles home, because I had hit The Wall. My body simply refused to keep running! All it agreed to do was walk home, and that was only because it wanted to lie down on the couch.

This is not the runner I want to be! The runner I want to be alwáys finishes her runs running. Luckily the runner that I ám is very determined, and doesn't know the word 'quitting'. So knowing my personal kryptonite is high temperatures, I decided less clothing would certainly be more, and I allowed myself to run at a slower pace.

And it seems to be working.

Kind of.

What is your personal kryptonite as a runner?


Unknown said...

I would have to say heat as well! If the temp is about 45 degrees and going to be getting warmer while I'm out (if it's a long run) than I'm in a tank and shorts. I might be cold when I start but I will warm up and would rather be cold than hot!! I ran my 1/2 Marathon in a tank and shorts yesterday morning and a lot of people were in capris or pants and shirts or even long sleeves. I would have died even though it was still only about 55 when we were done!

RunnerMom said...

I used to hate the heat, but this spring sunshine has made me love runnning again! Oh, and I love the new Nike slogan in your last post! Ha ha! I can sooo relate!

Heather said...

Cookies. No. That's not. I can run towards them, just not away.
I get up early to avoid the extreme Texas heat, but the cold kills me. I hate to run in it. I hate to know it exists.

Reluctant Runner said...

I'm with you on the heat. The longer you run in the cold, the warmer you get ... unfortunately, the same thing is true in hot weather! Makes it so tempting to cut the run short.

In Ottawa right now, it's spring and the weather is perfect -- not too hot and not too cold.

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