The decision to be a runner

running mom

The decision to become a mom is irrevocable, and you only have to make it once.

Even if you've sent your kids to a boarding school, far, fár away, you'll always be their mother. Of course you cóuld say: 'Today I'm not a mother,' but who are you kidding? Your striae tell a different story.

This is where motherhood differs from running.

The decision to be a runner, you have to make time and time again

The decision to be a runner is a decision you have te make time and time again. Every time you have to decide to put on your running shoes and running clothes and go out there. And once outside you have to decide to put one foot in front of the other in a fast tempo. Not only that, you have to make sure that for a short moment you're airborne, because otherwise you're just a very stressed wanderer.

You could stay on the couch, with your hand welded to a bag of chips, and say you're a runner, but you'll get a lot of disbelieving looks!

To keep your identity as a runner you have to activitate it regularly.

When The Mother and The Runner connect

But sometimes the mother and the runner collide. The mother moans: 'I've been running all day, what with all the kids!' but the runner longs for fresh air and the feeling of happiness that running provides for her.

In this case you have to make sure the runner walks all over the mother, because then the two unite into a wonderful phenomenon:

the Running Mom.

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Laura Everyday Edits said...

Love this! One of my fav running quotes is "The Road is a Good Listener Because We Run..." Or something like that. Thank you for linking up to Inspire Me Mondays! laura

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