My evolution as a runner: from eggtimer to Fitbit

running with fitbit
… from Egg Timer to Fitbit

When I first started running, eleven years ago, I took with me an egg timer. I was following a couch to 5k training plan, and I needed the egg timer to tell me if I could stop running already.

4 bucks worth of watch

After a while I started to take myself and my running seriously enough to invest in a real watch. It cost about 4 bucks, but I managed to make it beep every 11 minutes. So I ran 10 minutes, walked 1 minute and repeated that. I didn't get any other use out of it, because I didn't understand the manual.

Nike Chip and sensor

This watch was followed by the Nike Chip and sensor. I bought a second hand iPod and by using the Nike Chip and sensor I could see how far I had run. I really liked the Nike Chip, and the fact that all the info from my run was automatically sent to the Nike+ website.

Polar heart monitor

I think it was about three years ago I invested in a heart monitor. The heart monitor proved to be quite a revelation: it turned out I didn't have to run as fast as I was trying to, to get a good work out. I liked it even better than my Nike Chip and Sensor.

And after buying a Samsung smart phone I tossed the Nike Chip and sensor to the curb, because Runkeeper works as a GPS and tells me how much miles I have run too. And my Polar heart monitor told me how many calories I have burned, so my Nike Chip had become obsolete.

But I also read a lot about the Garmin Forerunner. It seems like all the 'real' runners are using it.

After some time my Polar heart monitor didn't work properly anymore.

Charge 2

In 2018 I wore a Fitbit Charge 2. I know this is not technically a sports watch but an activity tracker. But it offers me the kind of information I like. I don't need anymore, and I like the way it's so easy to use.

Apple Watch 2023

Times keep changing, and nowadays I wear an Apple Watch to keep track of my runs.

What kind of gadgets do you use during your run?


Unknown said...

Love your comment about your first watch because I've had digital ones I couldn't figure out how to set. I usually stick with an analog because its easier to set but it has no alarm. Thank you for sharing.

Dr. Elise Ho said...

NO gadgets during my runs... I do not run. LOL

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