Pacers: they're good for runners ánd moms!

They come in very handy for runners: pacers.

Pacers are runners who run along to provide the right pace. All you have to do is follow their lead.

They kind of set the bar.

As a mom you can have pacers too!

As a mom you can use pacers too! You just wanna be really careful who you choose. For example, I would not recommend Angelina Jolie as your personal mom pacer! She's got a gorgeous figure and looks great all the time, while travelling all over the world with her six kids and shooting movies left en and right.

These are the kind of pacers you need like another kid's drawing on your living room wall.

Choose the right pacer

So it's very important to choose the right pacer. One you know you can keep up with. And one who doesn't make you feel like a big fact failure.

Is there someone you like as your pacer?

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