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The Dutch publisher of Anna Fels' book Necessary dreams: Ambition in Women's changing lives asked me to review this book, saying she was really interested in my opinion! So I was all flattered and everything and told her: 'Of course! I'ld be happy to review it!'

Where's a picture book if you need it...

So now I'm reading it and I find it very hard going indeed. My mind is groaning and moaning with effort, begging me to stop and read something a little easier. Preferably a children's picture book.

There I was, ploughing along when suddenly it hit me: reading this book is a lot like running! In both cases I want to, but also I really, really don't want to.

Using running lessons

So I decided to apply the principle of running programs to reading this boring book:

Divide the task at hand into little managable pieces! 

The book consists of fourteen chapters, and I've decided to read two of them a day. That way I'll finish it in seven days.

Suddenly it's not so daunting any more.

Isn't it wonderful how the wisdom gained from running applies to life in general?!

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Kathleen said...

A very good principle that we can apply to most challenges. Thanks,
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