Running thoughts


I was running my weekly 10 miler, when around mile 6 my eye fell on the gras shoulder beside the bike path.

I felt it calling out to me, tantalizing, and luring me into its green embrace. Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about how nice and soft that grass would feel.

Runner down! Runner down!

But a runner lying around somewhere in the grass, probably raises unpleasant questions so I ploughed on. But mentally I made a note, saying when home, make a sign: 'Everything's hunky dory! Just taking a little nap!'

Mama's she's lazy

I ran along, thinking about how to create my sign, when a new thought entered my mind, pushing all the other ones aside. Pinkard and Bowden's song 'Mama, she's lazy' took up residence in my mind as a very unwelcome guest.

But when I got home it was mercifully pushed aside by Helen Reddy's triumphant:

'I am woman, hear me roar!'

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