Cooling down after a run using a bridge railing!

Stretching exercises
Isn't it beautiful?! Look at the dawn mirroring in the water!
I never used to do any cooling down after my run. But lately I've started doing some stretching exercises after my runs.

Stretching exercises using a bridge railing

And I've found bridges are great to use for this kind of thing as you can see in the picture. I even get a great view while doing my stretching exercises : ) And it makes me feel all limber when I kind of effortlessly put my feet up on the bridge railing.

Some of my stretching exercises are:

  • I use the bridge to keep my balance while I catch one of my feet from behind.
  • I grab onto the bride railing, and kind of let me myself fall, and then lean back.
  • I hold on the bridge railing, and then stretch my legs behind me, to stretch my hamstrings.

Do you do stretching exercises after your run?

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