My inner coach is harsh, but effective

It's january. The days are short, cold and grey. (I don't think January got the memo that they days are supposed to be lengthening already!)

So when I stepped outside to go for my daily run, I was greeted by the darkness of the early morning and a drizzle. And it was cold. I couldn't help but think:  'It's really cold... I don't like to go out for a run when it's this cold.' Which is when my Inner Coach piped up, and brusquely said:

'Then you'll just have to run a little faster to get warmed up, won't you.' 

I was taken aback. Where was the pity? The encouragement? This was quite frankly cold in another way! But then I realized, it was indeed good advice.

So that's what I did.

I started running until I got warm.

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