5 excuses not to go for a run, and what The Grit Doctor has to say about them!

Ruth Field calls herself The Grit Doctor. And The Grit Doctor does NOT like excuses as to why you can't go for a run. She's telling you off in these 5 funny videos. Every video is about an excuse not to go running, and what The Grit Doctor thinks about that excuse : )


5 excuses not to go for a run

Excuse number 1: my body is not suitable for Running
Dr Grit's answer: 'Nonsense! Every body can run.'

Excuse number 2: I hate running!

Dr Grit: You'ld be a freak if you didn't hate it. 

Excuse number 3: It's so boring.
Dr. Grit: Do you know what's boring? Being overweight and then whining about it.

Excuse number 4: I don't have the time to go for a run.
Dr. Grit: If president Obama could find the time to go for a run, so can you!

Excuse number 5: First I have to....
Dr. Grit: That's just excuse number 4 in disguise.


Summing up

You're probably familiar with most of the excuses. My favorite answer of the Grit Dr. is the one about president Obama. I like Dr. Grit's no nonsense attitude. If you want more, you can can buy her book: Run fat girl run.

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