6 Things my heart monitor taught me!

  1. There is indeed, no need for speed! To train in your optimal training zone, speed is not always best. I have learned that, to stay in 'the zone,' I sometimes have to move slower!
  2. Running in the morning requimuch faster without my heartbeat going through the roof.
  3. When I'm under the weather, my heart rate is much higher than usual during my runs.
  4. To get into the zone when I'm on my bike, I have to really push the pedals!
  5. Listening to music, makes it harder to stay 'in the zone'. Music makes me run too fast. Especially the song Is this the way to Amarillo!
  6. I love numbers! I love knowing how fast I went, how many calories I burnt, and how much time during my run I was in the zone. It makes my running results more tangible.
Do you use a heart monitor?


Apple said...

I don't use mine as often as I should. I think I will take it out today and start using it again!

Dee | GrammysGrid.com said...

I don't use a monitor, of course I don't run either. Thanks so much for linking up with us at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty 32! Shared ♥

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