Running lessons for the motherhood!

Running motherhood

It's one of my daughter's favorite anecdotes:

 'Remember mommy, when you went our for your first run, and only got till the corner of our street, and you came home cryin' 'cause you were so tired?!

I used to grit my teeth, and go 'Hahaha', but then I realized something: this anecdote gives me the opportunity to impart some (running) wisdom!

Lesson of wisdom!

So now I just smile and say: '

Yes that was funny, wasn't it. But have you seen how far mommy can run now? That's because mommy put in the time and effort to practice, and practice makes perfect. And the same thing applies to your school work! If you can't do it at first, it's only a matter of practising!'

And the great thing is: I actually believe what I'm saying, which as a mom isn't always the case. 

Like when I say: 'If you watch too much television your eyes will become square,' or 'Wait till Santa gets here!'

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csuhpat1 said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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