This has never happened to me before!

I was running along, minding my own business, when I spotted some female runners in the distance, and I don't know what happened, but instead of disappearing on the horizon, they came closer and closer, until I actually passed them.

This has never happened to me before. Usually I'm the one that gets passed by. It made me feel kind of nervous, because now that I had passed thém I worried that they might pass me.

Hares don't always have to run in front of you!

So I speeded up a little and never got home so fast. Which just goes to show, hares don't always have to run in front of you. They can help you go faster, when they're behind you too.


Bootchez said...

Ooooh, passing people! I've done that a couple of times, each being quite memorable. Such an odd feeling!

Jean | said...

Nicole, I'm a walker not a runner, but I always hesitate to pass other walkers--don't want to seem rude. :D But, of course, it isn't really rude. Keep up the good work! #BloggersPitStop

Nicole Orriëns said...

Yes, especially if you're not use to it : )

Nicole Orriëns said...

Don't you get frustrated if you're faster than them?

April J Harris said...

It's so lovely when we can see our fitness improving! Also, it really can help to have others to spur us along. Thank you for sharing, and for your support of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope your weekend is going well.

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