Finding my footing, when I'm feeling lost and confused

Running mom

After a (too) busy family weekend I often feel a bit wobbly. I like my life peaceful and quiet, And I lóve it when my life is just normal. I suppose having 5 kids offers me all the excitement I need. Some might say too much normal is boring. But  I call it blissfull.

I didn't feel like me

Last Sunday we all gathered at my parents' house. Me, my two sisters, and all our children. Saying it was pandemonium, would be too kind. So when I woke up this Monday I felt all flustered. I didn't feel like me. So I knew what I had to do.

Going for a run helps you find yourself

I went for a run. Going for a run helps me feel my footing in life. I start feeling like me again. And life once again makes sense.

I'm so grateful for running for always offering me a way back to me.

Do you use running to regain your balance in life?

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Lisa said...

Running is such a great way to find yourself in the midst of pandemonium. I totally understand!

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