Should running be fun?

'When will running start being fun?'

It's a wellknown runner's question. Mostly whispered between painful gasps for air, by redfaced novice runners.

Is 'fun' a prerequisite to go for a run?

But I think there's a deeper question lying underneath: 'Is it necessary for running to be fun? Shóúld it be fun?'
Personally I don't think so. 'No running, doesn't have to be fun!'

Because even when it's not fun, running is still good for you. By running you make sure your body and mind stay in shape. For that, I gladly spend 30 minutes of my day running. Even when it's no fun.

The Cult of Fun

There's this Cult of Fun: everything should be Fun. This has already led to lots of unhappiness. Because if everything is supposed to be fun, and you're nót having fun, well then. You must be doing something wrong! You my friend, are not a Fun person! And that's the kiss of death in the Cult of Run.

Give yourself a break!

So why not give ourselves a break? If running is fun, then that's great. And when it isn't fun, then it's still healthy.

And do you know what always will be fun?

That lovely feeling áfter a run!


Matilda said...

Thanks for this reminder. Running should be fun. Some runs are hard, yes, but we forget about about having fun.

Michelle said...

It’s a valid question. Fun should not be the only criteria when deciding whether a specific endeavor is worthwhile. Doing the laundry is probably my least favorite task, and yet, I am a big fan of clean clothes.

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