Stay safe during a run: 10 tips

As a runner you're vulnerable. If you get hit by a car, chances are you'll be hurt way worse than the car.

Even if the car was in the wrong.

Add to that, the fact that you're a woman, and you're even more vulnerable.

It's important to be aware of your vulnerabilities, both as a runner and as a woman. So you can take precautions.

I made a picture showing some of the scary stuff!

So, now that I've freaked you out, here some tips to run safely!

Running Safely Tips

  1. Be unpredictable! Mix it up! Don't run the same route, at the same time every day. You don't want the axe murderer to know that you'll be dashing by his bush around 7.03.
  2. Dress loudly. This is not the time to dress in muted colours. Go for the bright yellow tights, or the neon green ones.
  3. Add loud accessories. Like reflective neon straps around your arms and middle, making you highly visible.
  4. Tell the people back home where you're going. That way they'll know where to look for you, should the axe murderer catch up with you.
  5. Always take your smartphone with you, so in case of an emergency you can call someone.
  6. Make sure you carry some id. That way, in case of an accident, people will know who you are. And who to call.
  7. Wear an alarm. Should the axe murderer approach you a high piercing noise may put him off. And if not, it'll tell people something is going on.
  8. Run on the side of oncoming traffic.
  9. Don't travel to far off the beaten path. At least not all alone. If you want to explore new worlds, make sure you have someone with you.
  10. If a scary dog comes at you don't think: 'Never mind. It is probably more scared of me than I am of him,' I've read Cesar Milan and it's important to look confident, even if you're schaking in your running shoes. Jim Fixx recommended pretending to pick up a stone. Or pretending like you just escaped an asylum. But I'm not sure if it will help. 
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