Differences between men's and women's running clothes

difference between men and women
When I first started running I wore a pair of men's shorts I had bought at the local thrift shop for 3 bucks. In my defense: they were from a real brand! Adidas!

Women's running clothes

Nowadays I buy 'real women's' running clothes.

It makes sense. After all, men's bodies are different from ours. Men's running clothes are tailored to fit men, and women's running clothes are specially made to fit women.

What's the difference?

But I wondered: what exactly áre the differences between men's running gear and women's clothes? I did some research and found some answers.

  • Women's running clothes take into account that women usually have wider hips than men.
  • Men's shorts usually come with built-in briefs to keep their crown jewels safe and protected. 

But that's about it. It makes me wonder:

'Can I shop in the men's department for running clothes?'

I suppose I could, but that's when fashion sense rears it's head! Women's clothes are usually more fitted than men's athletic outfits. And I like that better. Also women's running clothes come in all kinds of pretty colours.

So apart from the tailoring I guess the biggest difference between men's and women's running clothes is that women's outfits are feminine.

Summing up

But if you can't find a pair of tights that fit you well, you might head on over to the men's department and try a pair for size over there.

After all: the most important thing about running clothes is that they feel good. And that you're comfortable in them when you run. Who cares what sex the manufacturer labeled them!

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