Running to your senses?


After I wrote about running after a bad cold, and how my heart rate monitor was telling me I was nót in the zone Matilda asked me a very good question in the comment section.

One that made me go: 'Huh?! What's that now? How do I féél?'

She asked me how I félt!

Well, that question had me stumped. How was I feeling?! That's hardly any consideration for me. Because usually I feel like stopping. And since I wanna run, I've learned to ignore my feelings. Because otherwise I would never get any run done.

Heart Rate Monitor on the fritz

Then today fate intervened. My heart rate monitor went on the fritz during my run! There I was, with nothing to tell me how I was doing. Wether I was running too fast, or too slow. And I remembered Matilda's question. 'How do you feel?' And since I didn't have my Polar hrm to answer that question, I had no choice but to tune into my body!

And even though I suspect my heart rate wasn't in the zone, my pace felt right. And then in a curious case of serendipity, my playlist played 'Listen to your senses'.

So I did.

'Listen to your senses
What they have to say'

Listen to your senses or technology?

This experience made me realize I rely more on technology than on my own senses! I wish I could say that from now on out, I'll start listening to my senses all the time. But I feel that my heart rate monitor is more reliable. Nevertheless I wíll try to pay more attention to my body. Because I can certainly see the importance of listening to your body.

Do you listen to your body or to technology?

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Matilda said...

I think we take for granted how we feel on some of our runs. I don't know when or how but I slowly started doing a few runs without my music, and then runs without my hrm (that and it was giving me a friction rash, and it hurt).
I know when I'm pushing it cause my breathing cadence changes. When I'm in a zone/tempo state, it's different again. I would have never have realised this if I didn't get rid of the tech stuff.
You know your body the best, you know if your heart is pounding in your chest and you feel like you can't go much further, or if your legs feel heavy and you feel like you can't take another step. Our body will give us longs of signals, we just have to pay attention.

Anne said...

Thanks for linking up to my linky. I'd love to see you back again but as it's based around a word or phrase it would be nice if you could sum your post up that way. Thanks again. #wotw

Anne said...

p.s. I most definitely listen more to my senses :)

Michele Morin said...

My FitBit helps me to listen. 😁

Chickenruby said...

I'm not a runner, I prefer swimming, I also don't have any technology for monitoring my health. Thanks for linking to #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week

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