Running with a face mask: unexpected perk!

Running with a face mask

I take great care to dress appropriately when it's cold outside, so I can still go for my daily run. But there was one part of me that got really cold, and that was my face!

When I got home I could hardly talk because it felt frozen.

Running with a face mask

'I need something to protect my face against the cold that doesn't slip,' I mused during my run.
 And leave it to the process of running to give me a great idea!

Because what protects the face and stays put?!

That's right!

Mouth masks!

So when it's terribly cold, I simply wear one of my mouth masks.

Running with a face mask: some thoughts

  • Wear a cotton mouth mask.
  • Make sure you choose one that fits your face well.
  • Make sure your face mask allows you to breath well.
  • If you wear glasses during your run, they may fog up during your run. 

How do you protect your face against the cold during your runs?

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