Buying running shoes life hack!

running shoes hack

Running shoes can be expensive.

But I've found a great life hack to cut down on the cost of your running shoes!

Buying running shoes life hack

This is how I save money on my running shoes.

Year 1

One year I go the running store and get advice about the right running shoes for me. And then I buy the shoes they advise me. 

Because I don't think it's fair to make use of their expertise, and then use their information to buy my running shoes online.

The next year

But the next year I feel it's fair to buy the same running shoes online. Often they'll be cheaper because manufacturers come up with new models every year. By buying the 'dated' model you'll be saving money.

But because they'll still only be 1 one year old you don't have to worry about less cushioning or support.

Year 3

The year after that you buy your running shoes in the running store again. 

This way you support your local running store, and you're also making sure you're wearing the right kind of running shoes.


Food nutters said...

That's a very useful hack, my feet are so wide that I can't buy shoes online, but trying them in the shop and next year buying the same ones online works!

csuhpat1 said...

Thanks for the great tips.

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