I've got 5 running routes for 6 days per week

running route

I run 6 times per week from Monday to Saturday.

And each day has its own running route.


My 5 running routes

My running routes take me about 45 minutes per day.

  • Monday and Tuesday have the same running route. It's the route that I used to run alongside my children when I took them to school. It's the school run, but without the school part ; )
  • Wednesday is the most boring running route. It's also the shortest. It usually takes me about 40 minutes. But even though it's boring, it's efficient because it's on paved roads.
  • Thursday is my favorite running route. It's the most interesting with beautiful country roads.
  • Friday is also lovely, but a bit longer. That makes it not my favorite run, even though it's beautiful.
  • I like my Saturday run too. It's a mixture of paved roads and country roads.

What's so great about having specific running routes per day?

The great thing about having a different running route every day, it makes me feel: 'Ah, today is Tuesday!' Or Wednesday, or Friday, whatever the day may be.

It centers me.

My running routes colour my day and my week.

I love them!


Debra said...

Absolutely love your image of your running route!
Thank you for linking up at https://gmasphoto.website/gmasphoto-linkup-party-7/

Take care and best wishes!

csuhpat1 said...

That is a beautiful route. Very nice.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing with us over at Crazy Little Love Birds link party #5.
Feel free and join us again this Friday starting at 9 a.m. MST

chickenruby said...

I have to have set days for set activities or I just don't do anything, having set routes sounds a good idea.
Sorry for the delay with commenting, thanks for linking up with #pocolo

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