Start running with this 9 weeks running plan with classical music!

beginner's running plan classical music

I've been running for about 21 years now.

And I felt like I could use something new.

So I downloaded the running podcast Fit op vier!

Fit op vier is a great beginner's running plan.

And it doesn't matter that it's a Dutch podcast, so don't let that scare you off!

Fit op vier: 9 week running schedule 30 minutes of running

Fit op vier is a free podcast that offers a running schedule with classical music. The goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes after 9 weeks.

Running Coach Ab Nieuwdorp tells you when to walk and when to run, and there's also the sound of a bell.

In this beginners running plan you run 3 times per week for about 30 minutes.

During your walk and run you can listen to classical music.

Fit op vier: 10 week running schedule 60 minutes of running

Once you've completed the first running schedule you can do the second one. That one offers a 10 week running plan. The goal is to be able to run for 60 minutes non-stop.

What about the fact that it's a Dutch podcast?

Ab Nieuwdorp is Dutch, so you'll probably won't understand what he's saying. But please don't let that deter you from using this great running podcast!

Because you can follow the running schedule even if you don't understand the language. 

Like I said, there's the sound of a bell/gong signifying when you have to run and when you can walk.


Hardlopen en wandelen 

Running coach Ab Nieuwdorp will also tell you when it's time to start running and when to walk. The words to look out for are:

Hardlopen (= running)

Wandelen (= walking) 

But like I said, you can also just listen for the bell! 

Why do I like this running schedule so much?

I really like the Fit op 4 podcast. 

It makes my daily runs feel fresh again. 

I love the fact that a bell tells me what to do. I don't have to look at my watch, I can just listen.

I also really like listening to classical music during my runs. Because there are no words, there's more room for my thoughts. 

And there's something about classical music that conjures up a certain atmosphere during my run.

Fit op 4 is great for beginner runners, but it's also a great way to make your runs feel different.

Where to get this running plan with classical music?

beginner's running plan classical music

I downloaded Fit op 4 on my Apple Podcasts. But you can also find this running podcast on Spotify.

I tried finding an English running plan with classical music, but I couldn't find one.

That's why I wanted to share Fit op 4 with you!

Do you like running to classical music?


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Runs With Pugs said...

I love classical music, so I love this idea! Thank you for linking up!

PaulaShort said...

Nicole, I imagine running to classical music is refreshing. It's different and worth someone trying to see if they like it and how they do.
Thanks so much for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.

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