The lone female runner got herself an app

lone female runner

As a lone female runner I sometimes feel vulnerable.

And I have good reason to. Because every now and then I read these scary stories about lone female runners who get attacked. Those stories make me feel both sad and scared.

Personal safety app: React Mobile

So when Robb Monkman invited me to try out his React Mobile app I was very interested. Because the React Mobile app is a personal safety app. It allows you to silently and discreetly alert the authorities and your trusted contacts when you're in trouble.

Let people know you're in trouble with the React Mobile app

You can install the React Mobile app on your smartphone. Once you've done that, all you have to do is push the SOS button. Automatically an SOS and your GPS location are sent to your contacts. Either through a text message of by phone. You can even set the app to send the SOS to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

My experiences with the React Mobile app

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to apps. But installing the React Mobile app wasn't difficult at all. Once I'd installed it I filled in my contacts. Because I wanted to test the app, I only filled in my own phone number and email address. I wouldn't want to scare all my friends and family with false alarms! I've read the story of the Boy who cried wolf, you know!

Sending out an SOS

So I sat at my desk and pushed the button. And sure enough, I got an email telling me I was in trouble. There was a link in the email with my location. Love that! Here's a screenshot:

react mobile alert

Follow Me feature

If you're not about be to murdered, but you would like people to know your whereabouts you can use the Follow Me feature. For example if you're going out for a run through a secluded area. You fill in when you expect to be back, choose Follow Me and your contacts get a message that you're leaving.

After you've pushed 'I'm safe' they get a message again, telling them you've arrived safely. If you don't push the 'I'm safe' button within the time frame you specified, an automatic SOS will be send.

The ReactMobile app is free, but the Follow Me service costs 1.99 $.

React Mobile video

This video explains the React Mobile app!

Summing up

I like the React Mobile app! It's easy to use, and it works. That really is all I'm looking for in an app. But it's also an app I hope I'll never have to use. Except for the Follow Me service of course.

Want to download the React Mobile app?

Then visit the website.


Courtney said...

I read about this on a blog somewhere yesterday and checked it out. It sounds pretty cool, but I'm not really interested in paying a monthly (or yearly) subscription fee.

I'll probably just keep using my Road ID app and hopefully they'll work out their GPS bugs that keep dropping the follow me feature when someone is watching my "eCrumb".

Have you had any issues with droppage?

nicoleao said...

But it's a free app. Only the Follow Me feature requires a fee.

Half-Crazed Runner said...

I just wear my Road ID, and run during day hours. There's so many people and traffic here, I just pray I don't get hit by a car!

Courtney said...

That's the main feature I'd use! LOL

Rob said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know we recently made all features of React free including our Follow-me feature.

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