Bright colored running outfit

I bought myself a new runing outfit at supermarket Store Lidl.

Lidl has their own sports label, called Crivit Sports. It's dirt cheap ánd it's good quality.

Normally I don't wear 'real' running shorts, because they make me feel like I'm putting on airs. But I couldn't resist these brightly colored shorts.

They are very comfortable too, which makes me love them even more. And they breathe and do the wicking the sweat away thing.

They only cost me 3.99 euros, which is about 5.44 USD.

They're very motivating too! I felt I had to pick up my pace because I was so visible! I had to live up to my colours.

What colours running outfit do you wear?


  1. I love my colours. Last week I ran in blue shorts, purple top, and yellow socks. I was just all colour.
    Other days I just keep the colour to the top, and keep my legs black.
    But colour adds brightness and fun.

  2. Love the running shorts! I just bought orange capris from prana - so comfy.