5 great, free running apps

I'm not very smartphone savvy. I use it mostly to listen to music. However, there are some great running apps that even I installed on my phone!

Running apps can be great tools that keep your spirits up.

5 great, free running apps!

  1. Runkeeper: helps you keep track of how far you've run
  2. Zombies, run! app. This is a running game and audio adventure. While you run, you listen to the story. You're living in a Post-apocalyptic world, and you have to make sure the zombies don't get you.
  3. Simple Mp3 Downloader. This app makes it really easy to add songs to your playlist. Whenever I have a motivational crisis, I add some new sons. And I'm good to run again.
  4. Figure running app: with GPS the world is your canvas, and you're the pencil! While you run, you dráw! So you can try to 'run' a sun for example!
  5. Charity Miles app: make the world a more beautiful by running. You earn money with every mile you run.

What running app would you recommend? I can always use more!

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Julie D said...

Love finding new running apps, so thank you for sharing!

Matilda said...

I don't run with my phone, but theses are some cool apps.

Anonymous said...

As i have seen most of the people don't take their smartphones while jogging as per me taking smartphones have more benefits like apps which are much helpful like you have mentioned and thanks for sharing the best post.

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