I ran the school run!

running mom

As a mom, and a runner, you have to use your time wisely. So I love combining different activities.

School run by bike

Since our move to the country I did the school run by bike. But I don't like biking all that much: there's so much more resistance than during a run! You feel everything much more: the wind, the mud, the cold...

I'll run the school run!

Then suddenly I had this great idea: why not let the kids bike their way to school, and I'll run alongside them! So I did a small test this weekend, and ran to the school, to see how long it took me. It turned out to be about 25 minutes. Very do-able!

It's working!

So this morning I tried it, and it worked like a charm. Because of the kids on their bikes, I even improved my pace. And after dropping them off I ran home.

I felt all elated about my great run, and how early it still was. What a great way to start my day! And as I listened to Ronnie Milsap singing: 'I wouldn't have missed it for the world,' I couldn't have agreed more.
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