I'm going for a run, and I'm taking...

Going for a run

When I go out for my run, first thing I take with me is my house key. I still carry the emotional scars of having to to break into my own home!

I'm going for a run, and I take with me...

Next thing I take with me, is my Fitbit Charge 4, so I know I'm getting the most out of my work out. When it comes to registering my runs, I can't help but feel that it doesn't count if it isn't registered. 

Ponder this

I don't wanna get al philosophical on you, but:

'If I go for a run, and I forget to track if with my fitbit, did I still go for a run?'

My smartphone

I also always carry my smartphone with me, because like Joey said in Friends: 'I don't have as many thoughts as you'ld think!' I need the country songs on my Spotify playlist to get me through the run. You know, for when I run out of interesting thoughts. So after about 3 minutes.

A small wallet

On Sundays I do my long runs, which I like to break up with a nice cup of coffee. So on Sundays I also take some money with me, and sometimes I take my mobile phone with me. I take it with me when I feel unsure of how well I'll do: it's like a safety net. Just in case, if I don't feel well or anything. I haven't used it yet.

So there you have it! When I'm going out for a run I'm taking with me:

  1. my Fitbit Charge 4
  2. my smartphone
  3. my keys
  4. my wallet
What do you take with you during your runs?

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fancy nancy said...

I usually have my garmin, ipod, handheld water bottle, and fuel for my long runs!

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