Monday, May 30, 2011

No Junk Mail for me, except if...

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One of my favorite songs during my runs, is Teea Goan's song 'Letter from God'.

In this song she sings about going to the mailbox in her pyjamas, and finding a letter. She almost doesn't open it because she thinks it's junkmail: 'junkmail I guessed'. But she opens it anyway.

And then it turns out to be a letter from God, telling her he's been keeping an eye on her because he's seen her struggle lately. I'm kind of always struggling, especially during my runs, so this song really speaks to me.

Unfortunately letters from God are very rare, and usually when it looks like junk mail, smells like junk mail, it really ís junk mail. Luckily there's a great way to reduce your junkmail. Simply sign up at Catalog Choice, and let those pesky advertisers know: No Junk Mail!

Catalog Choice

You can search their list of catalogs, phone books, coupons and other junk mail, and tell them which ones you can do without. So you can still get the ones you dó like! A great side effect is you'll have less clutter and you'll save some trees.

So bye bye to unwanted junk mail!

Except when they're really letters from God!

This is no junk mail!

Letter from God

How do you feel about junk mail?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Run Interruptus

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In an effort to bond with my eldest son Jan (14), I invited him along for a five miler to a nearby town. 'You can have a glass of coke, once we're there!' I bribed him.

I decided some careful dressing was in order, because I didn't want him to get too cold or too warm. So I handed him my Target tights, my Target thermoshirt, and not one, but twó of my coolmax tops. And as a final touch I added my old running jacket.
'That's a lot of clothes mom,' my son said, but obediently he put them all on.

After about seven minutes into our run he declared: 'My ankle hurts,' and after another ten minutes he said: 'I have to pee.'
'Just a little bit further, then there's some bushes you can pee behind.'
But his ankle couldn't make it, so I ordered him to rotate his ankle, to loosen it up.

'I can only do 'squares' mom!' he observed, as he very stiffly tried to make little circles with his ankle.
'Now the other ankle!' I ordered.
'Both at the same time?' he asked, and nearly fell, laughing so hard about his own joke.
After that we still had to find a tree so he could pee, and then finally, we could resume our run.

But after only two minutes, his ankle sabotaged him again, and after another three minutes he had to walk. So in the end we continued our run alternating running, with walking, with rotating, and lots of breaks in between.

When we were almost there I surrendered to the inevitable and decided to just enjoy my wálk with my eldest son. Even though I've never had such a 'run interruptus' I still loved it, because I had a great time with my son!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Motherhood makes you a better runner

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Experts say that motherhood might make you a better, and faster runner. Several women ran significantly faster after giving birth, than before.


A Dr. James Pivarnik declares: 'If there is a physical advantage, it's only during the first two months.' Pivarnik thinks a feeling of relief and satisfaction may be the course of the improvement.

Chris Lundgren, author of Running and Pregnancy, ran the marathon faster after giving birth. 'In the back of your head you think during a marathon: 'This is nothing compared to labor!'

Four kids máde me a runner

Giving bírth to four kids motivated me to becóme a runner. I needed something to ground myself, to find myself again.

And five kids are my reasons to stay a runner!

What turned you into a runner?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Parent and run

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I often worry about not being a good enough mom.

And when this feeling gets to be too much, I crumble, and invite one of my children to tag along during a run. This is a big gesture for me, because running is all about spending some time on my own. Without any children!

This Saturday I invited my youngest son, Piet, along. After about ten minutes Piet asked in his little boy's voice: 'How much further, mommy?'
'Not far at all! We'll only do a short run!'

To please him, after about fifteen minutes of running (me) and biking (Piet), we stopped for a cup of coffee (me) and some icecream (Piet).
'Isn't this nice, Piet?' I asked, because I wanted some acknowledgement about being a great mom and all that.
'Will I still get an icecream after dinner?' he said worriedly. 'Because if not, it wouldn't be fair, since this one is very small.'

After demolishing his icecream Piet wanted to leave. And when we were about five minutes on our way, he once again wondered how much further it would be.
So I took a short cut, and when we got home after about ten minutes, Piet said in a smug tone of voice: 'I did a good deed today mommy!'
'What good deed?'
I kept you company during your run!

Which only goes to show: no good deed goes unpunished….

Friday, May 20, 2011

Running encounters of the special kind

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I was running along a dirt path, when a car passed me by, honking loudly. I looked up, and saw this guy waving and grinning at me, like a mad man.
'Stupid men!' I mumbled to myself. 'He nearly gave me a heart attack!'

Then this thought popped into my head: 'God must be feeling playful today,' and just like that, my annoyance disappeared, and I smiled.

Because I like to believe there's a little bit of 'God' in all of us. And assuming this is true, isn't it lovely how you can meet him or her just about everywhere?! It reminds me of this song: 'What if God was one of us?'

Sometimes he's that driver honking loudly at you, sometimes she's two little birds doing a beautiful dance across the tree tops.

So when another car skidded to a halt next to me, and a man leaned out asking: 'Can you tell me how to get to the nearest MacDonalds?' I removed my earphones and explained it to him like I had all the time in the world.

And as I ran along again, I thought to myself: 'I hope that guy is thinking: 'God sure was friendly today! And a great navigator to boot!'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do Ladies Runs discriminate against men?

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After two feminist waves of women fighting for equal rights, there's an interesting phenomenon in the world of running: Ladies Runs.

And they are getting more and more popular, and frequent. Ladies Runs are runs especially for women, and men are not appreciated, except to cheer the women on.

One of the reasons to have Ladies Runs, I heard, is that men have this disgusting habit of cleaning their nose while running. They do this by applying a finger to the right nostril and then they snort.

So I can certainly understand the longing for Ladies Runs: being equal is all very well, but not if you have to duck flying snot.

Do you think Ladies Runs are a good thing?
Do Ladies Runs discriminate against men?
And would Men Runs be acceptable?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giveaway: Exceed sport earphones!

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Great news! The good people of have kindly offered a free pair of Exceed sport earphones to the readers of Mom's Home Run!

There are six ways to enter: the more ways you use, the bigger your chances of winning.

All you gotta do is this:
  1. Follow Mom's Home Run on Twitter 
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  3. Put a link to Mom's Home Run on your bloglist
  4. Blog about this great giveaway
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  6. Leave me a comment for every of the above steps you took
Every comment you leave is another entry for the giveaway.

So grab this opportunity to win yourself some superb earphones, that don't fall out of your ears. Ever!

A winner will be chosen at June the 17th, by Random Generator, and will be announced the same day on Mom's Home Run!

Read my review of these great earphones!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm making a list

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It was the early morning, around sevenish, and I was lying in bed contemplating all the reasons why I would nót go out for a run.

  • I ran yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before thát
  • I'm tired
  • Sometimes you gotta take a break!
  • I don't want to

Then halfway through my list of reasons not to run, suddenly out of nowhere, there appeared this big white light! And a thunderous voice said: 'You can stay in bed for the next half hour making your list, or you can go out for a run.'
As I lay there trembling with fear I realized: I just had me an ephiphany!

And I decided that I might as well go out for a run, because I knew afterwards I would feel all glowy and smug about a run well run. Whereas if I stayed in bed making my list, I would feel sweaty and lazy.

So I got out of bed and went for a run.
That stupid list of reasons not to run would just have to wait!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turboxtax: not taxing at all

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Me and my taxes, we don't get along. Doing my taxes is right up there with cleaning the toilets after a very spicy Mexican meal. In fact, when I really don't feel like going for a run, I tell myself: 'If you don't go, you have to do your taxes,' and that gets me out the door real quick!

However, it's something everyone just has to face. And there is one thing you won't hear me complaining about, and that's getting a refund. I just love refunds. They give me this great rush of exhileration, just like the ones I get after a good run.

It's just that I don't quite know how to go about getting them. But then I read these words at TurboTax: 'Step-by-step guidance, like a GPS' and I thought to myself: 'Wait a minute! I know GPS! It's something runners use!'

Turbotax scores!

At tax comparison Turbotax gets 19 out of 20 points, and leaves the other tax programs eating its dust. If Turbotax was a runner, it would be a winner. It really takes the 'taxing' out of doing taxes.

Are you running out of time?

Doing your taxes can feel like preparing to run a marathon, and sometimes you just feel there just isn't enough time! If only your mommy would write you a sick note to show the IRS people!

Luckily Turbotax offers the next best thing to a sick note: an irs extension form 2009.

And I just love their slogan: 'Get a little extra time-and a lot of peace of mind'.

I wonder if they can get me an extension as a mom on doing the laundry too… I could really use one.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Exceed sport earphones: a review

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When it comes to earphones I feel that, like children, it's alright if they're there, but they shouldn't bother you. They shouldn't, for example, keep falling out of your ears.

So when I got the offer to try out a pair of Exceed sport earphones I was very excited, because I'm always on the lookout for the next best thing! And the box promised: 'Your search for a confident fit is over,' which pleased me to no end, because I've certainly searched a lot!

RTIS: Read The Instructions Stupid!

They looked quite big on the outside, and the earbud is a bit larger than average too. So it was with some trepidation I put them into my ears, which I like to think are very dainty! However they fit just fine, and off I went.

But that's where the trouble started: before I could start up a good sweat, I was busy fiddling with my earphones. They kept falling out. I tried pushing them in further, but they just wouln't stay where I put them.

Luckily I'm a great proponant of chi-running and I figured my new earphones offered me a great opportunity to practise my technique. Bouncing up and down when you run is a big waste of energy, so I tried to glide along. However me, and my earphones kept fighting, until finally and miraculously they stayed put! I don't know what changed, but they didn't fall out anymore.

As it turned out: I should have read the instructions, because the answer to a great fit was quite easy. You just gotta slide and rotate!

The secret to a great fit: slide and rotate

You have to slide the earphones into your ears, and rotate them until they're snug. With all my fiddling, I apparently did just that. And I took something else from the experience: read the instructions!

Product information

Apart from not falling out, Auria Exceed Earphones can be personalized, telling other runners, you're special! Also, they come with an Inline Control, so you can adjust your volume.

They cost about 33.99 dollars, and can be bought at

To sum up!

My search for a confident fit is indeed over! These earphones don't fall out during runs, and won't have you running and fiddling!

Another great thing I noticed is that they don't tie themselves into a big knot, which is something my other earphones always do. No matter how I put them away, when I want to use them I have to unravel them. They're a lot like Christmas lights that way!

And now if you'll excuse me: I'm going out for a run with my great new exceed sport earphones!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Runner's Kryptonite

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I pride myself for not having missed one single run during the cold, and icy winter. I ploughed my way through the snow, and tiptoed over icy roads. Triumphantly I said to my husband: 'I'm tough, I'm cool, and above all: I'm weather proof!'

So you can imagine my surprise when hígh temperatures turned out to be my personal kryptonite!

It all started last Sunday when I had to walk the last miles home, because I had hit The Wall. My body simply refused to keep running! All it agreed to do was walk home, and that was only because it wanted to lie down on the couch.

Then it happened again, after watching Kate Middelton and Prince William getting married. I felt quite touched seeing the ceremony, but also a bit jealous, so I decided to make a run for some peace of mind. But again, I had to walk home the last kilometer.

This is not the runner I want to be! The runner I want to be alwáys finishes her runs running. Luckily the runner that I ám is very determined, and doesn't know the word 'quitting'. So knowing my personal kryptonite is high temperatures, I decided less clothing would certainly be more, and I allowed myself to run at a slower pace. And it seems to be working.

What is your personal kryptonite as a runner?